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By Mom of 3 cats from Garnett, KS On 05/14/2019

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I LOVE not scooping wet cat liter.

I LOVE that I don't have to scoop wet cat liter. I LOVE that it does not fill my house with dust. I love that I don't have to sweep tracked cat liter down my hallway 3 times a day. Cons: I have noticed that on day 26 I am starting to smell cat urine. I have contacted customer service and had them put me on a 25 day rotation instead of the 30 days. They also recommend that I stir the liter from the edges to rotate it to the middle to absorb the smell. My cat is old and he does not dig in the box at all. He gets his business done and jumps out. I'm not sure it he is not crazy about the feel on his paws. I have turned my friend onto Skoon!

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