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By Ipsy & Mister's Mom from Baltimore, MD On 05/20/2019

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Skoon has been great! No tracking (meaning no little litter pieces all over the house), safe for the cats, and clean up is EASY. I love that I don't have to scoop and scrape clumps. Every morning, I just put on a glove and pick up the solid waste the same way you would clean up after your dog. It's too easy. I also love that I can adjust how often my Skoon gets delivered. We have two cats so we're in that awkward spot where one 8 lb. bag doesn't last a full month—more like three weeks. (I tried to make the first one last a month and we definitely had a urine stench in the house so we had to switch back to clumping until I was able to order another bag of Skoon. We're just starting out so it's a little bit of trial and error.) I was able to go online and change our plan so our Skoon would get delivered every three weeks. Sadly, this is going to make it a little more expensive for us. I love that it absorbs the urine and leaves no smell but I do wish it lasted longer.

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